Free Week! Part 1

Free week is one of the better-kept secrets from the out of towners and non-austinites in Austin. Thankfully it hasn’t blown up to the size of SXSW, ACL, or any other major festival that people fly in for. Unfortunately, it was hella cold going into the new year which was the only discouraging factor of checking out the amazing local bands of Austin and Texas.

Thursday night I ventured out to Hotel Vegas to check out a few bands that I’ve never heard of and I am so happy that I did.

I had the pleasure of checking out TØMA, a four-man band from Austin. With an unforgettable bass line, that had a strong electric pop with every pluck.  Consisting of a keyboardist, drummer, badassist (as I like to call bassist) and guitarist the collective played energetic set that was worth buying their entire discography.

I didn’t grab the whole show, but notable mention was the following band called Glaze, also from Austin, which had a heavier sound to them.



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