NYE 1976/2018

2018 was rung in on a frigid night at Hotel Vegas in Austin, Texas with sightings of snow amidst a drunken choir singing Bohemian Rhapsody (as made famous by Queen) performed by Roky Moon and BOLT! Singing in unanimity among strangers with an unknown reassurance everyone knew the exact lyrics, a happiness set in and set the tone for the rest of the night and the beginning of the new year.

Have a listen here: Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Roky Moon and BOLT!

About two years ago I saw TinnaRose perform at Mohawk and had the opportunity to talk to the lead singer Devon McDermott after her performance. I complimented her on her voice and said she was a ringer for Stevie Nicks. New years eve 2018, I was treated to hear her perform Fleetwood Mac covers. The band’s performance was energetic and Devon sang Rhiannon, The Chain, and Dreams among others with a solid focused voice.

A local OLE tribute band appropriately named Olé ELO had the honor of the new year’s countdown during their set. Midnight came, couples kissed, balloons were released, and all was well minutes into the new year in East Austin.



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